Sometimes I love my little brother, and sometimes I don’t.


photographing a 3 year and a newborn baby boy is quite the challenge. There is so much going on at all times.  One parent is watching the three-year-old to make sure she does not tear up the house and the other parent is feeding, changing and taking care of the newborn.  As a photographer, you really have to pay attention to what is going on at all times. You have to be quick on your toes to get that perfect shot. If you wait for even a second too long the 3-year-old has bolted out of the room and the newborn is crying and has to be changed and fed. You have missed the moment. The three-year-old has found is now sitting on your dog.

I did have to be quick and on my toes with this family portrait session but it was so much fun. The reason being is that I had such an awesome family to work with. I am great friends with Amy and Erin and I have known them now for a long time. They are the owners of the Back Yard Cafe in Ogunquit. A seasonal coffee shop that makes the most delicious cappuccinos and baked goods. I am partial to there turkey sandwich on gluten-free bread. (with sliced Granny Smith apples)

Amy, Erin and I go way back. They had their wedding ceremony at my house and I was a guest at their wedding.  I, in turn, had my post-wedding brunch at the Back Yard. One of their bakers made us the most incredible gluten-free chocolate cake. I dream about it.  I have been begging for the recipe ever since.  Since then I have had the pleasure of photographing Sawyer was she was a baby and now we are celebrating the birth of Tate. I look forward to photographing this family for a long time.  Love is always in the air when we get together.

About the Kids!

Sawyer is a serious sassy pant! She is the type of kid that keeps you laughing with everything she does. At one point I looked at her parents and said, “Oh my you are going to have your hands full with this one.” I love kids who are full of spunk and spirit. That is until they do not want to be photographed by you anymore.  That is where the candy comes in handy. You would be surprised what a three-year-old will do for a skittle.

Little man Tate was a super chilled out baby. He cooed and yawned, and stretched his little legs. He took a nap and did what all little babies do. He looked adorable and broke all our hearts with his sweetness.

It was a great family portrait session in Ogunquit Maine. For payment, I would like the recipe for that chocolate cake!